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November 25, 2016
Dany Zander Litter Info


Dany's Puppies Born April 14 2016.




Eden's A Dance With Dragons


Dany Girl

SIRE: Blackpool Eden Ice fusion TD RN
DAM: Eden's Watch Her Strut

PRA 1 & 2: NORMAL 


BPIS CH.Ambertru Cheap Trick



SIRE: BISS Am GCH Am/Can CH Yukon's Turn The Page OS, Can OS
DAM: Ch. Ambertru's Sweet Chilli Heat OD






Zanderx Dany Puppies
CH. Ambertru's Cheap Trick
BISS Am GCH Am/Can CH Yukon's Turn The Page Am/Can OS
BISS CH Bravo's Old Spice SDHF OS
Am. Can. CH Thornelea Yukon's Reba
Ch. Ambertru's Sweet Chilli Heat OD
BIS/BISS Can./Am. Ch. Klaasem's Zoom Zoom Zoom Can. SDHF, Can./Am. OS
CH. Ambertru's Rize N Shine OD
Eden's A Dance With Dragons
Blackpool Eden Ice Fusion TD. RN.
Ronjalee Ragamuffin at Motlaisa JW
CH.Blackpool's Ajax
Eden's Watch Her Strut
CH. Rosecrest The Archer WC. JH. TD. CD. VCI. CGC.
Eden's Double Dutch

 Puppy Nuggets

June 15, 2016
Proactive Puppy Training


Be proactive in your puppy training by building trust and preventing behavior problems before they start.

Preventing Resource Guarding

Clicker Training The Come Command 

4 On The Floor. No Jumping

Door Manners. Love your crate Love your crate 2

Conditioning the Collar Grab

Preventing and Redirecting Puppy Nipping

Settle/Go To Mat Work

You may have noticed that several of these links are by the same Trainers. That is because I respect their training methods and they present the lessons in an easy to understand and follow format. You can't go wrong with subscribing to their channels as they have many instructional video's that I use myself.

Pam's Dog Academy 


June 14, 2016
Last Of The Males Leave


June 12, 2016
Next 2 Boys To Leave

Teaching Black Boy, Cooper Little to enjoy his crate before he leaves

June 12, 2016
First Boys To Leave

June 11, 2016
Leash Prep


Cooper Hocking aka Green Boy spent the day getting ready to be released to his new home. First he was bathed and microchipped then spent the afternoon alone with me so that he could get used to being without mom and his littermates in a known environment. He handled it all like a trooper and none of it phased him a bit! Thanks to Royal Canin Starter Mousse which is an extra special treat he didn't even noticed he had just been given a rather large needle.

This boy can find a place to sleep anywhere but he loves his beds!

green_boy_cooper.jpg green_boy_cooper_1.jpg
green_boy_cooper_6.jpg green_boy_cooper_4.jpg
green_boy_cooper_3.jpg green_boy_cooper_2.jpg

Later in the afternoon I took him out around the ponds to get him acclimated to wearing a leash with no pressure or force then showed his new people how to use the clicker to pay him for walking beside them. I will be continuing to add puppy training video's as the pups leave and with the girl I keep so I hope everyone continues to follow along once your puppy is home either here or on my youtube weekly training playlist

June 10, 2016
Release The Hounds!


My last week with the pups will soon come to an end I'm really feeling it with the first pup being released today. Thanks to the return of some sunny weather I've been able to give YouTube a real work out uploading a ton of new videos. This one is of our daily woods walk. The run out has gotten faster and faster but convincing them to return has gotten slower and more difficult. After the week of damp weather I can't say as I blame them too much.

"One Leash to rule them all, One Leash to find them,
One Leash to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them"


June 7, 2016
Last Week


Last week with the litter so trying to get as much done with the puppies as possible before I tackle all the paperwork that needs to be prepard for the release dates. They have been to to the vet and all got a clean bill of health and their first vaccination. Started doing some simple "love the mat" work and I hope I don't run out of time to transfer it over to going into the crate. Tomorrow they will be going to a small puppy assessment party and I hope to finally pick out which girl I am keeping. Happy Happy, Joy Joy!!!

I took a look out the window to check the pups in the backyard only to find them on the boulders, I grab the camera and run out but of course they had found other things to do so I tried to convince them to get back on in order to get some snapshots. I found out pretty quickly that I really am too old to be running up and jumping off of rocks!

Orange Girl
This girl was so good on her first lesson she made me look good!

Pink Girl
Goes to show even with my fumbling the pups are smart enough to figure it out

Green Boy
Had to get hard kibble to reset the puppy off the mat in order to get him to go back on it.
Paying for being on the mat is good but wanted to make sure they know the payoff is for being on the mat and not just for sitting.

DZ_June_rock_puppies.jpg DZ_June_rock_puppies_1.jpg
DZ_June_rock_puppies_2.jpg DZ_June_rock_puppies_3.jpg
DZ_June_rock_puppies_4.jpg DZ_June_rock_puppies_5.jpg

June 4, 2016
Week 7


First intro of Dany's  pups to the wobble board. The video is of Blue Boy. I click any and all interaction he has with it except for the vocalization he tries out of some mild frustration. As we have been teaching manding he is a little frustrated that he did not get further clicks for just sitting but that is ok, he worked through it and offered something else. At first I would accept looking at it or any accidental bumping or a nose and foot touch until I know the puppy understands that it is intereacting with the wobble board that is earning him the treats. Once I am sure the lightbulb has turned on in his tiny little brain I wait for other behaviours such as an intentional paw touch, crawling on and off, jumping, sitting, downing etc. This teaches the puppies to explore new and varied things as well as to offer different behaviours to see what will earn them a treat and to help instill confidence in them when on unstable surfaces. The green and orange mats are down just so the board doesn't go shooting out from under the puppy and across the floor which could scare or injure them.


June 2, 2016
7 Weeks

The pups are 7 weeks old today and the time seems to be going too fast towards their release date. I have enjoyed working with this litter so much I don't feel like I am ready to say goodbye at all.

I have started to convert my puppy pack over to an on-line PDF version so puppy people please check out the new Puppy Pack  page.  If you wish a hard copy I would be happy to provide you with one on request. As well you will need to check out the Contract and Clearance page to see the contract and health warranty. On this page you will also see the litter theme and a list of names to pick from for your puppy's CKC registered name.

They have taken to "manding" very well and are now using it to ask for things so now I am putting a little duration to it. The first video is with the puppy in the grey collar. Since he continued to mand I did some initial teaching of "down" with him for the first time. He is a very quick study but as you can see we only want to do short bursts of training then put him away to rest so that he retains what he has worked on. "Leave 'em wanting more" is a good rule of thumb! We are doing very short 2 minute sessions of actual training but all the pups are being asked to settle and mand together for their meals, prior to being let out of their bed or outside x-pen and at night when I put them to bed with a treat. Dogs do not generalize well so training sessions must be done in as many different places as possible so that they understand that they do not need to be in a special place to do the required behaviour. You may notice some slight confusion when you try this with your puppy when he goes home as you the trainer will be different as well as the place. Basically the overall picture will be different but this will just be a short set back once you ensure he is successful in your first few sessions. The second video is a quick manding session with all the pups when I went out to pick up their left over dinner.


May 29, 2016

"Charging the clicker" and "The Box Game" were all leading up to the following video. Here we are doing some clicker training with the puppy in the black collar. We start the session with something new, I am clicking and rewarding for whenever the puppy returned to my side which is the precursor to the introduction of the collar and leash as well showing him that I am more interesting then rainbows and butterflies. Right now I am using a puppy, puppy, puppy or a kissing noise just to get his attention. I am not using the come command because for now he has no idea what that word means, we are just rewarding him for being in a postion that makes me so happy I give out treats. Later when we have done some more training so that he is reliably coming to the puppy, puppy, puppy we will add "puppy, come" then gradually phase out the attention getters to just "Puppies Name, Come" but that is a completely different lesson. 

This is his third session of Manding (sitting to ask for something) Remember this is a six week old puppy who has already learned that "sit" is an expectation! There is no pushing on his bum, no popping of his leash or any other type of correction based training, there is no need. Puppies naturally sit when they try to look up at us, or when they jump, they lose balance and land on their bum so I capture that behaviour with a click and treat.  In three very short 2 to 3 minute sessions he has grasped the concept that he is in control of the clicks. If he sits he gets a click and a treat. As this is one of the very first things that we teach puppies this will be one of the first behaviours they will offer when unsure of what to do. It becomes the default behaviour which will lead to other rewards. Sit for attention, sit to go outside, sit to be allowed up on the couch, sit for meals etc.

May 26, 2016
More From Camp


Puppies on the deck at camp over the long weekend

DZ_May_24_web.jpg DZ_May_24_web_1.jpg
DZ_May_24_web_2.jpg DZ_May_24_web_3.jpg
DZ_May_24_web_4.jpg DZ_May_24_web_5.jpg
DZ_May_24_web_6.jpg DZ_May_24_web_7.jpg
DZ_May_24_web_8.jpg DZ_May_24_web_9.jpg
DZ_May_24_web_10.jpg DZ_May_24_web_12.jpg

May 26, 2016
Week 5


The puppies had their first off property outing and spent the May 24 weekend at camp. I was a little hesitant at first but after weighing the pros and cons we packed up and off we went. The pups didn't enjoy their first car ride but did not appear to be bothered by the ride on the 4 wheeler at all. The black flies were out in full force so along with setting up a bed for them in the camp we set up their outdoor enclosure on the screened in deck and just had some playtime outside in the early mornings when the bugs were less intense. They met a number of new people, got to experience sleeping in new places and had a few romps with the adults for the first time so overall the weekend was a great success as well as a very dirty one! Brushing is no longer doing the trick so soon they will need to have their first bath. We have progressed to the "Box Game" and the majority of the puppies are catching on with a few not quiet getting it yet. Another day and they should all be up to speed. No videos of this however lots from camp on YouTube and one of the introduction to a new very loud and annoying toy from today.

Romp with the pack
Bad Girl!
A quiet moment on the deck
To a not so quiet moment at home

May 20, 2016
Week 4


The pups had a great visit with a rather large number of visitors last weekend. At one point there were 11 people in my tiny kitchen thanks to the rain so the pups had no problem finding a lap to snuggle in. Although crowded and hectic for us the pups did fantastic and thanks to a very well behaved young boy their very first introduction to children was a totally awesome experience and a joy to watch for us older folk.

I did a second session of Charging the Clicker with the pups only this time I would click first then offer the food. I had been looking for a safe high value training treat that I could form into a ball and hold in my hand and it was suggested that I try Liverwurst....... At first I thought, ok, the consistence is right, the smell tolerable, I can live with this. Then the shark attack happened. I'll spare you the colorful language that ensued but I will tell you the verbal carnage matched tit for tat those flashing, razor sharp needles some people refer to as baby teeth. By the time I get to puppy number four I have banshee's wailing and screeching in the kitchen because they knew exactly what was being offered in the living room. Hubby had been in bed for an hour and not appreciating the noise I had to end the session but.... Ok, so they like it. Great! I go to wash the blood from the stubs of my poor mangled fingers only to find the smell of liverwurst is actually pretty horrid and no matter how much you wash, it still sticks to you. It sticks to your hair, to your clothes to the very back of your nostrils and well just everywhere! 


Did you notice the light bulb go on for this puppy around the 1:03 mark in the video? She discovered the source of the food did not come from the ground and only appeared when she heard the click. She started to offer tiny behaviours to see if that would make the food appear! Very happy with these baby steps. Hopefully the next clicker session things will be made a tad clearer for those new to clicker training. You may have also noticed that I did nothing to correct the shark teeth, of course not! We want this to be pleasent and she is only a baby! That will be an easy fix later so for now I will just adjust how I give the treats.

We got the outdoor play area set up and fully screened in thanks to the black flies being out in full force, This week I have begun feeding them mushy kibble and today I have increased it to 3 meals a day. The pups are now going in and out on a regular basis so we are on the first steps towards potty training. They have pretty much gotten the hang of doing their business in the potty box during the night or on the pee pad when in the kitchen. So far just a few pees along the way when the pups first wake up and just can't make it all the way outside but so far so good. If only they would just stop sleeping and playing in the potty area I would be a completely happy camper.




One thing I have noticed with these puppies is that to date they have been a generally calm, quiet bunch except of course when they insist on going in the flowerbed to trample all the new shoots. Then they are little monsters, hard to catch little monsters to boot. They definitely are attention seekers and have shown a great affection for having their bums scratched enthusiastically and their bellies rubbed softly. They not only come when called to bed at night but they actively let me know when they want to go to bed. I really hope this holds up over time but now that I said something karma is going to bite me in the butt.


Sorry for the late update. I hope I haven't made anyone anxious.It takes awhile for me to find the time to transfer the videos to you tube then over to my website. If you do find yourself in a need of a puppy fix you can find them and others on My YouTube Channel a bit quicker. To make up for the delay here are some pictures.

cZ_outside.jpg cZ_outside_6.jpg
cZ_outside_5.jpg cZ_outside_1.jpg
cZ_outside_3.jpg cZ_outside_2.jpg


May 10, 2016
The Big Switch
The puppies are three weeks old and have outgrown the whelping pen so we felt the time was right for a move out of the bedroom. While we put together their new play area we introduced them to a small half crate filled with pellets to get them started on using a potty area. They had other plans and used it to both potty in and to sleep in. When we moved them over the weekend to the new area we just put the crate right in the potty area hoping to speed along the transition. So far all of the poops and about half the pees are going in the right spot but they still think it is a nifty place to sleep.
In the video I am creating a CER to the clicker with a three and a half week old puppy using a squeeze tube filled with RC Puppy Starter Mousse. This is the puppies first time tasting puppy food but we are not starting the weaning process yet nor are we looking for or asking for any specific behaviors. I am just feeding and clicking, feeding and clicking to create a positive condition emotional response between the two for future work. This is also called charging the clicker and will help to teach the puppies that when they hear the click a food reward is coming. In this way we will be able to mark and reinforce behaviours we want greatly speeding up training. While using a clicker as a marker it is not necessary as pairing the food with such a simple word such as "Yesssssss" will also work. I prefer to initially use the clicker as the puppies recognise and respond much better to it's immediate and unique sound. Once the behaviour is learned I then pair it with the marker word "YESSS" and phase out the click.  
pen_switch_web1_4.jpg pen_switch_web1_3.jpg
pen_switch_web1.jpg pen_switch_web1_2.jpg
pen_switch_web1_1.jpg pen_switch_web1_5.jpg


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