Lana Spinnaker Litter 2019

March 30, 2019
Ditching The Food Bowl


Dogs and puppies can get tired of the same unchanging environment so activities and toys that offer variety, change and challenge can be very beneficial to them. Ditching the food bowl in exchange for treat dispensing toys is an excellent way to enrich their lives.

Since the last of Purples littermates left this week it is also an excellent way to keep her occupied greatly increasing the time it normally takes for her to finish her lunch.

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March 26, 2019
Tag Teamed

Poor Lana, got distract in the front while they attacked from the rear!


March 26, 2019
Vet Check

It has been a very busy week as we prepared for the pups to start leaving for their new homes. They had their first car ride to go to the Vet's office to get health checked and their first vaccination. They all had a grand old time running rampant throughout the Vets office and didn't even notice the rather large microchip needle. 

Pictured here still damp after their bath the night before their trip to the Vet



More pictures from that night 

March 15, 2019


Be proactive in your puppy training by building trust and preventing behavior problems before they start.
















  •  Pictured is a young Lana at her fitness class. 


You may have noticed that several of these links are by the same Trainers. That is because I respect their training methods and they present the lessons in an easy to understand and follow format. You can't go wrong with subscribing to their channels as they have many instructional video's that I use myself.

Pam's Dog Academy 



March 14, 2019
Chaos Ensues

The pups are one thing but when mom gets into the act chaos ensues!

March 14, 2019
Week 7 Change Up


Changes to the puppy pen today include platforms and boxes. This keeps their environment fresh and interesting while giving them new challenges to work out.


March 5, 2019
Moon Litter Week 6

A couple of days ago I added the FitPaws equipment to the puppy pen to help increase their proprioception skills.

Yesterday I added the tunnels but today, when it's too cold for outside playtime the ante must be upped! 


March 1, 2019
Moon Litter Training Plan

Important! Moon Litter Adopters:

Now is the time when you should be thinking about setting up a training plan for when your puppy comes home so I will be making several posts in the next little with some of my favorite books, videos and on-line traing course suggestions.

I will introducing the pups to MARKER TRAINING soon. Marker or Clicker Training gets amazingly quick results but there are some basic concept that you should be aware of.

Donna Hill explains it much better then I possibly could so please watch the following videos in order.

Part 1 Using Rewards


Part 2 Timing 



Part 3 Criteria



Practice Exercise 101 things to do with a box


March 1, 2019
Moon Litter Week 5


March 1, 2019
Week 5

So sorry for the late entry for the pups turning 5 weeks old. It has been a very hectic but a very good week!

Last weekend we moved the pups out of the bedroom and into the dining room in order to make room for the expanding weaning pen and to allow them to experience more of everyday family life. They have started eating puppy mush and have been fairly successful at using the litter box. If this nasty weather ever stops they may even get a chance to discover a taste of the great outdoors later this week.

February 21, 2019
Mighty Big Yawns

Just like children puppies resist sleep despite being over tired.

Best played with sound turn way up.

February 21, 2019
Here We Grow Again

Pups are now 4 weeks old and growing rapidly so the puppy pen has been expanded to accommodate their increasing need for space. A potty area has also been added to the pen so that they can start the housetraining process.

We are continuing with adding a new sensory item to the pen every day and now that they have the ability to hear we have regular sessions where music and audio books are played. 

Puppy visits started with a family of six over the Family Day weekend. The three, very well behaved and impressive children were absolutely awesome with both the puppies and the adult dogs! I couldn't have asked for a better group to give the puppies a positive first introduction to kids and strangers.

The adult dogs are being given individual periods to come in to investigate the puppies. Today was Delilah's turn.

February 15, 2019
The Name Game


In order to individually register puppies with the CKC all puppies must be have a unique registered name to go along with their microchip number. I will be registering this litter with the CKC using "MOON" as the theme. The following is a list for you to choose from. You may also suggest a name for consideration as long as it fits into the the theme and fits into the rules and guidelines of the CKC. Your choice in a Call Name ie Fido, Rover, Maple etc does not have to match the CKC Registered Name although it can be a personal choice for those who would like them to i.e, Eden's Moon Pie aka Sheldon if you are a Big Bang fan. Please pick and email me 2 name choices in order of preference for your puppy's registration papers. If the names are highlighted in colour then they are already reserved.


Eden’s Moonstruck

Eden’s Moonstone

Eden’s Moonlit

Eden's Muskoka Moon (C&J) aka Maple



Eden's Harvest Moon (A&S)

Eden’s Moon Beam

Eden’s Moon Shadow (J&L)

Eden’s Moon River (N&R)



Eden’s Moonwalker

Eden’s Moon Spell

Eden’s Moon Song


Eden's Lunar Moon (M&S) aka Luna

Eden’s Wolf Moon

Eden’s Super Moon

Eden’s Winter Moon  


Eden’s Pale Moon

Eden’s Moonshine

Eden’s Many A Moon  


Eden’s Jubilee Moon (A) aka Jubilee  

Eden’s Sailor Moon

Eden’s Moon Pie



February 15, 2019
Happy Valentine's

Happy Valentine's from all of us to all of you!

February 15, 2019
Moon Litter. Week 3 Sensory Items