Spinnaker x Dany 2017

April 23, 2018
Spinnaker Dany 2017


 Eden's A Dance With Dragons 



Dany Girl

SIRE: Blackpool Eden Ice fusion TD RN
DAM: Eden's Watch Her Strut 

HIPS: OFA GR-115366G24F-VPI  
EYES: OFA GR-EYE12924/42F-PI 2017  




GCH. Feli Fey Flying Dutchman JW SGWC




SIRE: Int. Ch. Xanthos Mondriaan SGWC CCA
DAM: CH, VDH JCH Goldstrike Wild Cherry

HIPS: BVA 5/5 & OFA GR-119729G54M-VPI




Spinnaker & Dany Litter
CAN GCH Feli Fey Flying Dutchman JW SGWC TT
Int. Ch. Xanthos Mondriaan SGWC CCA
Dutch Ch, Dutch, Lux-, German Junior Champion Sultan Of Sand v.d. Beerse Hoeve JW A'dam 07,Bundesjgdsieger 07,Clubjgdsieger 07

Xanthos Foreign Affaire

CH, VDH JCH Goldstrike Wild Cherry
EW'15, Multi Ch. Majik Truth Or Dare NL/D/VDH/LUX/INT/SE/DK BDSG '10, Am.Winner '10

String of Pearls Frou-Frou

Eden's A Dance With Dragons
Blackpool Eden Ice Fusion TD RN
Ronjalee Ragamuffin at Motlaisa JW

Can CH. Blackpool's Ajax

Eden's Watch Her Strut
CanCH Rosecrest The Archer WC JH TD CD VCI CGC

Eden's Double Dutch

December 17, 2017
Week 7

Lots happening for the pups in week 7 as we continue to prepare for the puppies release day. The visit to the vet for their wellness check went very well and I was very please with the happy, have no fear attitude they showed even as they were poked and prodded. The car ride was exceptional with no crying and carrying on from them however I was white knuckling it due to the horrid weather and icy roads.

Potty training has gone well with the pups getting out at key times and despite some rather cold temps I often have to round up two or three of them when they refused to return to the nice warm house.

I have start offering regular information and training posts on the Eden Kennels facebook page to help get everyone prepared for a successful integration and into the appropriate training mindset so I hope you will take a moment to visit it.


One last video of the pups all together.




December 7, 2017
Proactive Puppy Training


Be proactive in your puppy training by building trust and preventing behavior problems before they start.


Preventing Resource Guarding 

Clicker Training The Come Command 

4 On The Floor. No Jumping

Preventing and Redirecting Puppy Nipping

Door Manners. Love your crate Love your crate 2

Settle/Go To Mat Work

Conditioning the Collar Grab
Avidog Gotcha Collar

Guide Dogs For The Blind Puppy Collar Cue Training

Clicker training Loose Leash Walking Part 2 Adding The Leash

Susan Garrett: Its yer choice (IYC) 

Why Cigarettes are More Addicting than Heroin and How It Applies to Dog Training


Canine Fitness The Happy Hip Program.

If you live in the Nipissing area Touch Animal Rehabilitation offers Canine Fitness Conditioning Classes 



You may have noticed that several of these links are by the same Trainers. That is because I respect their training methods and they present the lessons in an easy to understand and follow format. You can't go wrong with subscribing to their channels as they have many instructional video's that I use myself.

Pam's Dog Academy 



December 4, 2017
week 6

Pups just turned 6 weeks old and have returned to being fearless again with the help of various items to interact with from a plain old box to a wobble board



With this warm weekend the pups get to enjoy both grass and snow on their woods walk. I could just imagine the smells that they are engulfed in as the dampness would both keep the scents low to the ground and intensify them



After 2 walks in the woods today they are still full of piss and vinegar! I think I am building endurance rather then tuckering them out.


November 29, 2017
Tater Litter Name Game

In order to individually register puppies with the CKC all puppies must be have a unique registered name to go along with their microchip number. I will be registering this litter with the CKC using theme based on "Potatoes". The following is a list for you to choose from. You may also suggest a name for consideration as long as it fits into the the potato theme and fits into the rules and guidelines of the CKC. 

Your choice in a Call Name ie Fido, Rover, Mocha Bean etc does not have to match the CKC Registered Name although it can be a personal choice for those who would like them to. 

Please pick and email me 2 name choices in order of preference for your puppy's registration papers. If the names are highlighted in colour then they are already reserved.



Eden's Tater Tot

Eden's Tater Bug

Eden's Tater’s N’ Beer

Eden's This Taters For You  

Eden's Hot Tater

Eden's Later Tater

Eden's Speck Tater L&L

Eden's Tater Chips


Eden's This Spuds For You L&E 

Eden's Spuds N’ Buds

Eden's Bud The Spud

Eden's Yukon Spud

Eden's Spudnik

Eden's Spudnut J&J

Eden's Spudster

Eden's Spuds Mackenzie 
(Kenzie or Mac would suit both a boy or girl)    

Eden's Sweet Potato Piper
(Piper would suit a boy or girl)

Eden's Bangers N’ Mash

Eden's Small Fry

Eden's Bubble & Squeak  J&I

Eden's Do The Mashed Potato

Eden's Potato Gun (Gunner)


Eden's Couch P’ Tater

Eden's Sweet P' Tater C&D

Eden's Hot P' Tater

Eden's P' Tater Chip


Eden's Spud In The Mud

Eden's Yukon Gold 
(please not Goldie!)

November 29, 2017
Week 5

The Small Fries are now spending their days in the kitchen so that they can get used to going outside to potty. They have had a steady flow of visitors this week and of course during a visit last night they pretended to be little angels calmly cuddling and snoozing away but just 5 minutes after their guests left they again showed their true colours! 


November 22, 2017
Week 4.5

Todays sensory item in the weaning pen is cedar. A dog's sensory experience of the world is guided largely by his nose. They rely heavily on their highly developed scenting abilities to detect information relevant for mating and survival. Scenting to dogs is like what reading a book is for us. It's all information gathering to them. By introducing something new to the litter everyday we hope not only to enrich their environment but we hope to give them a little kickstart in their abilities and to grow their little brains much like sending a child to school does. The more we teach them the more they are capable of learning.

November 22, 2017
4 Weeks

Now that the spuds have moved to the weaning pen they have started to use the potty box about 50% of the time. I'm really hoping that rate improves soon as I just get it cleaned up and someone is messing again before I even get out! Morning clean up can be a bit scary to say the least but there is nothing to be done except to outfit myself from head to toe in rubber and wade in to do the deed.

At this age they really enjoy exploring so the addition of the FitBone to the pen was a big hit!

November 15, 2017
The Tots Have Teeth!


Lots of new changes for the P'Taters this last week! They quickly got their legs up under them once their eyes opened so they have been motoring around the whelping box for awhile now. They have begun to play with each other as well as mom using their mouth to explore. They had a few rough days full of complaints due to teething but today they seem to be through the worst now that the tooth buds have fully erupted.

November 15, 2017
3 weeks old

Delilah thinks the tots are a bunch of new squeaky toys I put in a box just for her. Lana thinks the whole thing is just suspect so a brief snort is all they are going to get from her. Dany thinks they are all restricting her from her life in Ian's lap but they're hers and she loves them

November 4, 2017
Oct 31, 12 Days Old


The Tater Tots have sprouted eyes!

Dany's pups, now 12 days old had their eyes open this morning. Although not the best eyesight at the moment things will soon come into better focus. The last couple of days prior to their eyes opening they recognised my scent and search me out when I sit with them in the whelping box. Now that their eyes are open the pups are making great efforts to get up on all fours so I expect they will be walking very soon!




November 4, 2017
Oct 29 Day 10

Pups are now just a little over a week old and all have doubled their birth weight. Dany has started to sit up to feed them on occasion which allows for easier access and strengthening their bodies. It is however a scary time for me as I have to watch that she doesn't get too tired for fear of her laying down and trapping a puppy under her. Their nails have been trimmed for the first time and the Scent protocols are well underway. So far they have been introduced to hand soap, moss, black olives, a leather glove, an orange, fox fur and cedar. They all loved the fox fur but they went crazy for the cedar branch!



November 3, 2017
Oct 28 Day 8, The Potatoes


 1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4 .......

I made a joke on Face Book about these puppies being potatoes as they reminded me of fat, round potatoes 
and well, it kind of stuck so please allow me to introduce you to  "The Tater Tots"

Blue Boy

Mint Girl

Orange Girl

Pink Girl

Purple Girl

Yellow Girl

Black Boy

SD_mint_girl.jpg SD_orange_girl.jpg
SD_pink_girl.jpg SD_purple_girl.jpg
SD_yellow_girl.jpg SD_black_boy.jpg

November 3, 2017
Oct 25, Day 5


Puppies are now 5 days old and on their second day of the Avidogs Early Scent Introduction protocol. Today we are using moss from the backyard. This pup is showing active sniffing for 10 seconds before pulling away so he gets a + for showing a positive response to it. 


Eyes and ears are still closed but they have no problems using their vocal cords!
Nails have been clipped and they are being weighed daily to confirm that they are gaining steadily.

The Avid Dogs Scenting program 
On days 3 to 16 we record the reactions of the puppies when introduced to the smell of a new object each day such as;
Orange peel, apple or banana
Leaves, dirt, bark, moss or wood
Another animal
Fox fur, sheepskin or leather glove
Metal, glass or wooden objects
A duck wing, pheasant wing or pigeon
Fresh evergreen, flowers or grass
For further information on tactile and olfactory stimulation please read the following PDF, you will find it a very interesting and dare I say a very "stimulating" read.




November 3, 2017
Oct 23, Day 3

 One Roly Poly Puppy!

This is what happens when a 3 day old puppy spends a little too much time at the milk bar.
Much to his dismay he rolled over and got himself separated from the litter.