Puppy Updates

April 25, 2012
RIPLEY BJORNE 2011 - Christmas litter info and puppy updates




Puppies Born December 23, 2011




Reg Name: Eden's Butter Believe It CD RN TD WC
Sire: Majik Mr Darcy CD
Dam: Eden 's Above N Beyond WC CDX
D.O.B: Feb 10, 2005

HIPS: OVC Certified.
EYES: DACVO tested.
HEART: Clear by DVM

Titles: Companion Dog, Rally Novice, Tracking Dog, Working Certificate

Breeder: Jamie Veraldi




Reg. Name: Rossmix Passionate And Strong
Sire: Swed. CH Rossmix Braveheart
Dam: Chavenis Sweet Passion
D.O.B: Oct 17, 2007

EYES: DACVO Tested Annually.
HEART: Cleared by DVM

Owned by : Lise Marleau Nesbitt

Litter Pedigree:


Puppy Dec 23, 2011
Rossmix Passionate and Strong
Swed. CH. Rossmix Braveheart
Swe Ch Karvin A Kind of Feeling
Rossmix Too Late
Chavenis Sweet Passion
WW'01,EW'99,02, Mult & IntCh,ChFr/Ger/Lux/Swi/VDH Paudell Pure Passion
Sjakk Matt av Vervik
Eden's Butter Believe It CD, RN TD WC
Majik Mr Darcy CD CGC
LTU & SWE (show) CH, FIN JW-01 & FIN W-07 ,Vet WW Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme
Majik Maybee
Eden's Above N Beyond WCI CDX RN
CH Rosecrest The Archer WC JH TD CD VCI CGC
Bernfield Rosecrest Blackpool

March 31, 2012
Last Video Of The Last Puppy Before She Goes To Her New Family

Cricket can see her daddy on the other side of the pond but the water is still to cold to go swimming. Puppy Zoey thinks she should do it anyway.


March 20, 2012

The last two remaining puppies enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we are having in Mid-March.


March 4, 2012

Sometimes the best toys are just the things you have around the house like a plain old cardboard box.

Puppies are now 10 weeks old and sleeping through the night, going for their last pee at 10:30 pm and waking up at 7:30 am.

Their housetraining is also right on track with them letting us know when they need to go out. One week completely accident free!

The male puppy and yellow female are still available.

February 29, 2012
Is That Supper?

pups looking for food

February 26, 2012
The Help


Larry went to visit his 86 year old grandfather in a very rural area. After spending a great evening chatting the night away, Larry's grandfather prepared breakfast of bacon and eggs. Larry noticed a film like substance on his plate, and questioned his grandfather asking, 'Are these plates clean?'

His grandfather replied, 'They're as clean as cold water can get em. Just you go ahead and finish your meal'.

For lunch the old man made hamburgers. Again, Larry was concerned about the plates as it appeared to have tiny specks around the edge that looked like dried egg and asked, 'Are you sure these plates are clean?'

Without looking up the old man said, 'I told you before, those dishes are as clean as cold water can get them. Now don't you worry, I don't want to hear another word about it'.

Later that afternoon, as he was leaving, his grandfather's dog started to growl, and wouldn't let him pass. Larry yelled and said, 'Grandfather, your dog won't let me get to my car'.

Without diverting his attention from the football game he was watching on TV, the old man shouted, 'COLDWATER, GO LAY DOWN NOW, YAH HERE ME!!!

February 15, 2012
Happy Valentine's Day!


Golden Retriever Puppy   Puppy Kisses


It was amazing how trusting this puppy was! He just let me slide him in and calmly looked around while I was snapping pictures. 


February 7, 2012
A Winters Day... 6 weeks old



A sunny, crisp, winter day makes a perfect
setting for a group of energetic puppies.

6_weeks0004.jpg 6_weeks0005.jpg
6_weeks0002.jpg 6_weeks0003.jpg 

February 1, 2012


With the nice weather we are having the puppies are now old enough to start going outside for brief potty and play periods.


January 24, 2012
Feeding Time


The puppies universe has now expanded to the kitchen which means they now get to taste real puppy food! Think they are a little intense?

January 24, 2012


Sunday night I came home from work to a puppy sleeping like this, every time his head would fall forward he would snap it back up. Seems he likes to sleep on his back but was too lazy to get out of the corner!


January 20, 2012
Four Weeks Old



2 puppies playing and trying to fight their need for a nap for as long as possible.


January 14, 2012



Puppies using me as a jungle gym .... Priceless


Discovering puppies have teeth ... Painful






 Pictures of puppy playing with cell phone ... Priceless


Discovering he's pocket dialed overseas ... Costly

January 7, 2012



walkingIt's been a week of exciting changes for the pups now that they are up on all four legs and walking. Lot of wiggling, wobbling and sudden changes of direction but still they manage to get to where they want to go rather quickly. We even had our first escapee last night when a puppy climbed over the edge and followed mom out of the whelping box. Of course he decided that wasn't such a good idea after all and he quickly let everyone in hearing distance know he was loose at 4 in the morning.
With walking comes a sense of awareness so puppies are now using both their nose and mouth to explore each other as well as us when we join them in the box for a cuddle. I couldn't possibly describe the wonderful content feeling of having a bunch of two week old puppies sniffing and gumming my face, hands and hair while others strive to find my warmest, darkest spot to snuggle in.
Although their ears are still closed they are starting to recognize some sounds both external (us) and internal (self). This means not only do they come running when I babble at them but that there is also a whole lot of yapping going on just to hear themselves. A puppy trying to howl back at you in response to your sounds is truly an awesome thing to behold. At 3 am when you are still sleeping in the same room as them, not so much.
Puppy breath, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

January 4, 2012
Eyes Wide Open Jan 03 2012


DSC094181.jpgRipley is an excellent mom so all the puppies are doing great! Nice plump babies who at the moment do a lot of eating, pooping and sleeping. At one week old the pigment around their nose and paws has now changed from "new born pink" into a nice dark black. Today their eyes have just opened so this means they will be getting up on all fours and walking around very soon. Things will really start hopping around here for mom and I!