Ripley Quinn Puppies

August 18, 2013
Ripley Quinn Litter

Eden 's Butter Believe It CD. RN. TD. WC.



SIRE: Majik Mr Darcy CD CGC
DAM: Eden 's Above N' Beyond WCI CDX RN

HIPS: OVC Certified.
EYES: DACVO tested annually.
HEART: Clear by D.V.M

Bred by: Jamie Veraldi

Blackpool Eden Ice Fusion TD



SIRE: Ronjalee Ragamuffin At Motlaisa (GRB)
DAM: CH Blackpools Ajax

EYES: DACVO tested 2012.
HEART: D.V.M. Cleared Annually

Bred by: Michele Tuominen, Owned by: Jamie Veraldi

Litter Pedigree:

Ripley/Quinn Puppy

Blackpool Eden Ice Fusion TD
Ronjalee Ragamuffin at Motlaisa JW
Glenmoray Field Gunner JW
Eng. SH. CH. Kimwhany Optimist At Ronjalee
CH. Blackpool's Ajax
Majik Mr Darcy CD CGC
Blackpool's Savannah CGC
Eden's Butter Believe It CD, RN TD WC
Majik Mr Darcy CD CGC
C.I.E,LTU&SWE(show)CH,FIN JW-01&FIN W-07,VetWW`10 Royal Salute du Pays de Boheme
Majik Maybee
Eden's Above N Beyond WCI CDX RN
CH Rosecrest The Archer WC JH TD CD VCI CGC
Bernfield Rosecrest Blackpool

July 13, 2013

Head Start Puppy Training

An excellent way to give you and your puppy a head start in training while waiting for the pups booster shots to be finished is to take the Fenzi on-line training course starting Aug 1. I have taken a past course with Fenzi Academy and plan on taking this one as well so highly recommend it for you even if a Performance Puppy is not your goal.

OB110: Raising a Performance Puppy 1

Instructor: Deborah Jones

There is nothing as exciting, or as terrifying, as starting training with a new puppy. If you have high hopes that this pup will be your next performance partner, the pressure definitely intensifies. You want to do everything right to maximize your pup's potential and develop an amazing working partnership. With that goal in mind we will focus on concepts, skills, and exercises that will give your pup a solid foundation for a career in a variety of dog sports. We will use the book The Focused Puppy as a guide for this class.

While covering a range of puppy topics, we will emphasize focus, a solid recall, developing an "operant" dog, impulse control, and nurturing a love of interactive play. Sound interesting? Come join us!

This class is targeted at puppies from seven weeks to one year, but may be appropriate for older dogs on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact Deb Jones if you're unsure about your situation.


July 12, 2013
Dog Friendly Training

Now that puppies are starting to go to their new homes please take a minute to watch Ian Dunbar discuss Dog Friendly Training on TED Talks. He can explain proper training methods much better then I can.


July 4, 2013
In order to individually register puppies with the CKC all puppies must be have a unique registered name to go along with their microchip number. I will be registering this litter with the CKC using a "Fictional Mice" theme. The following is a list for you to choose from. You may also submit a name for consideration as long as it fits into the the Mouse theme. Of course your choice in a Call Name ie Fido, Rover etc, does not have to match the CKC Registered Name although it can be a personal option for those who would like them to match.
Please pick and email me 2 name choices in order of preference for your puppy's registration papers. Names in any colour other then black are all ready reserved.
Eden's Mickey Mouse (r1)
Eden's Speedy Gonzales (r2)
Eden's Mighty Mouse (r1)
Eden's Tom and Jerry
Eden's Mr Jingles
Eden's Anatole
Eden's Pichu
Eden's Fievel Mousekewitz
Eden's Pinky and The Brain
Eden's Stuart Little (r1)
Eden's Topo Gigio (r2)
Eden's Hickory Dickory Doc (r2)
Eden's StoryTime Mouse (r1)
Eden's Miss Bianca

Eden's Miss Kitty Mouse
Eden's Maisy Mouse (r2)
Eden's Millie Mouse (r1)
Eden's Mrs. Frisby
Eden's Minnie Mouse
Eden's Melody Mouse
Eden's Mrs. Tittlemouse

July 1, 2013


canday_0000.jpg canday_0001.jpg
canday_0002.jpg canday_0003.jpg
canday_0004.jpg canday_0005.jpg
canday_0006.jpg canday_0007.jpg
canday_0008.jpg canday_0009.jpg
canday_0010.jpg canday_0011.jpg

June 29, 2013
2 New Videos


A couple of videos of the puppies playing with a new, loud, interactive toy. They are not sure they like it but Mouse does when it is quiet.


June 20, 2013
First Day Playing Outside

I tried to post this the other day but YouTube was having some issues. A little late but here is the video of the puppies first day being allowed to play outside with mom.


June 18, 2013
Hard Nights Work

Brought the puppies in to work this evening for pet therapy. The arts and craft period didn't go exactly as planned as they got more paint on themselves and the floor then the papers and canvas, Ok honestly that was planned but don't tell my boss, but we all did have a blast! A quick bath left them smelling great again then some supper and they slept like rocks during the half hour drive home unlike the rather noisy ride in. Took some great pictures but due to the nature of my job and privacy issues the best ones can't be shown

RQ_June_16_20130006.jpg RQ_June_16_20130005.jpg
RQ_June_16_20130004.jpg RQ_June_16_work0001.jpg
work.jpg RQ_June_16_work002.jpg

June 17, 2013
4 Weeks Old

The puppies are now in the period where they are growing in leaps and bounds! The biggest puppy is currently 8 pounds and the smallest is 3 pounds. Visits from puppy people started to happen this week and all the pups were brought into the kitchen to explore for the first time. They are playing more with each other and become really excited when we join in. Their ears are slowly opening so they have hit the "hearing awarness" stage. Sudden loud noices will startle them but then they will start to search out the source to see if it is something interesting they can bite and chew. They are also starting to get a little too rough with mom while nursing so tonight the pups will all be joining Mouse in going to work with me for a visit. We are planning on introducing them to food while there so it should be hectic and messy but fun, will post results later!

You can also follow along with the puppies on our Eden Kennels Facebook page

RQ_June_16_20130011.jpg RQ_June_16_20130010.jpg
RQ_June_16_20130009.jpg RQ_June_16_20130008.jpg
RQ_June_16_20130012.jpg RQ_June_16_20130013.jpg

Thursday night Mouse escaped the whelping box and stuck his nose in moms dish helping himself to a couple of pieces of kibble! Yahooo! Friday I gave him a few very small puppy kibbles dipped in cream to help them slide down better which he really enjoyed. Learning to eat was a slow process as when he gagged it was scary for both of us and initially rather discouraging for him, however he is now chomping away with very little problem! Mouse currently weighs in at a nice hefty 3 pounds, 2 ounces and you may notice he is also sporting a brand new bib. I wish I would have thought of this weeks ago as it would have saved me a fortune in kleenx, paper towel and white face cloths gone yellow from milk stain! It's been a while since my children where that young so I had forgotten what formula does to facecloths and clothing. He is not fussy on drinking water so far letting him lick the dripping from the tip of the bottle is the best that he can do but we hope to overcome this new hurdle in the spirit that he has shown with everything else. Mouse has his own facebook page to document his life and times so please join us if you wish to see additional pictures, updates and milestones as they happen. Mouse's FB Page

RQ_June_16_20130031.jpg RQ_June_16_20130030.jpg


June 12, 2013
One of those days

Raising a cleft palate puppy is scary and overwhelming at times and Monday and Tuesday were two of those days. In the last three weeks Mouse has been a little off now and then making me worry... is he crying because he obstructed, is he voiding enough urine, is something else going on with him I am yet unaware of, is that occasional raspy noise shortly after feeding coming from his nasal passage or his lungs indicating pneumonia? Usually whatever the issue is, it resolves after a few hours letting me know it's ok to breath easy again. On Monday Mouse had very little interest in his bottle then that night he had a discharge from his nose. Off to the vet we go who thankfully found his lungs clear and Mouse to be in overall good health. We decided to put him on a round of antibiotics as a preventative measure in case his discharge was the start of an infection. Thankfully Mouse showed great improvement in his appetite and spirits within hours. To top off this good news making my day when I was up paying my bill Dr. Ron came out and waived this office fee as well as the fee for the after hours emergency visit we had on the long weekend when Mouse was first diagnosed leaving only the cost of the medications for me to deal with. I cannot say enough how much I love my Vet!

More videos of Mouse and the Gang can be found on our Youtube channel



June 12, 2013
Three Weeks Old

I thought I might be able to sneak in the whelping box to take a little nap with them however they woke up and had different plans for me. Their teeth are coming in now so they are now doing a lot of chewing to ease the discomfort. Ears are slowly starting to open at this time but they can still hear and like the sound of their own voice.


June 2, 2013
2 Weeks Old

Puppies are now 2 weeks old with their eyes completely open so they are now attempting to get up on all fours and walk. As you can see in the first video their fat little bodies are not always cooperative! Lots of complaining going on because mom aka the milk bar dared to leave them momentarily.

 In the second video you can see mouse nursing from his bottle which gives a good shot showing how the puppies ears are still completely closed.

Mouse falling asleep after feeding. It's moments like this that really show why breeders do the things we do. Who needs blood pressure meds when you have a sleeping puppy!

May 30, 2013
Eyes Wide Open

The puppies eyes opened tonight but it was really hard getting some decent pictures. The hot muggy weather has them cranky and restless so hoping the fan, damp towels and ice packs under the pad helps us all get some sleep tonight. Now that their eyes have opened the next few days should see them getting up on their feet and zooming around the whelping box in no time at all. That is if the chunky monkeys are able to lift up their own body weight with Big Black boy being the biggest weighing in at 3 pounds 11 ounces and Mouse being the smallest now weighing in at a solid 1 pound 9 ounces.

RQ0028.jpg RQ0029.jpg
RQ0031.jpg RQ0035.jpg

May 26, 2013
First Week Changes

At the one week mark the puppies are gaining quickly and have doubled their birth weight. Currently they look like over stuffed sausages and have a definite solid feel to them when picked up! Changes are evident in the pigment around their nose as it is starting to darken up from the "new born pink". Eyes are still closed but they now know my smell and come crawl around me to snuggle when I sit in the whelping box.

RQ0018.jpg RQ0019.jpg RQ0022.jpg
RQ0021.jpg RQ0023.jpg RQ0020.jpg

Feeding Mouse:
Not the proper way to bottle feed a puppy but Mouse insists on laying on his side. Now he may be small but he is mighty so he wins! I finally found a bottle that we both can tolerate, because the nipples are so soft it's harder to get it in his mouth which means milk on me, him and whatever else seems to be handy for him to wipe his mouth on but he seems to have less difficulty suckling.


May 22, 2013
Slow and Steady Wins the Race


Day 4 and four of the puppies have been gaining steadily turning into little chunky monkeys. Green puppy who I have taken to calling Mouse has not been so fortunate. On day two we noticed that he was not doing well and had actually lost 2 ounces from his birth weight. An emergency trip to the vet resulted in discovering he has a small cleft palate at the back of his mouth which I had missed during his birth. Although the other puppies are fine we were devastated to say the least as all lives are precious to us and I knew cleft palate puppies are usually humanely euthanized due to their inability to form enough suction to nurse from mom and the high risk of infection from aspirating milk. We had never personally experienced this before but I knew of another breeder who had just recently raised a cleft palate puppy successfully so I did some further research and discovered that many of these puppies are now being raised with great success if they can make it to the weaning stage. With the understanding that the next few weeks are going to be very difficult for us and with the support of my vet we decided to give Mouse the best shot that we can. Two days later I am confident that we made the right decision! With round the clock, hand feeding Mouse has not only gained back the 2 ounces he lost but also gain an additional ounce! That may not seem like much however with cleft palate puppies, slow and steady wins the race and he has shown that he is a fighter. In the next eight weeks we are hoping Mouse's name will be changed to Moose!

RQ0000.jpg RQ0010.jpg 1.12 ounces


1.11 ounces
RQ0003.jpg RQ0004.jpg

1.9 ounces

RQ0005.jpg RQ0006.jpg

1.5 ounces

RQ0007.jpg RQ0008.jpg

0.13 ounces