Quiver Puppies 2012

January 5, 2013
Rocking The Kitchen

Rocking the kitchen with the new puppy toy bought for being such good puppies during their first car ride and vet visit. Make sure your volume is on for this one!

January 2, 2013
Sleep, Puppy, Sleep


Over the past two weeks the puppies were having some really fussy nights not wanting to go to bed, crying through the night and waking up to dirty beds. With all the mess caused by the new pellet bedding that we were trying, we decided it just wasn't working so changed the puppy box over to the wire puppy pen. They have all let me know they approve this move by complaining to be put to bed at night if we are late, going straight to sleep and having clean fur and beds in the morning.


puppy_pen_0000.jpg puppy_pen_0001.jpg
puppy_pen_0002.jpg puppy_pen_0003.jpg

January 1, 2013
Happy New Year
New_Year_Pups0000.jpg New_Year_Pups0003.jpg New_Year_Pups0002.jpg
New_Year_Pups0004.jpg New_Year_Pups0001.jpg New_Year_Pups0005.jpg
New_Year_Pups0009.jpg New_Year_Pups0007.jpg New_Year_Pups0008.jpg

December 21, 2012
Mr. Mom

We've had some some serious snow today which Quinn and the puppies took full advantage of!

December 16, 2012
Moments of Chaos
These last few days have been a very busy time for us all now that the pups have move out of the whelping box into the kitchen and a bigger play pen. Now the real work begins and a mop and bucket becomes an added appendage. Solid food has also been introduced as well as short trips to the great outdoors to begin exploring and set some foundations for housetraining. The puppies also enjoyed lots of love and attention this weekend and were on their very best behavior for their first visit with new families to-be. I however have evidence that their quiet, calm, sleepy act cannot be maintained for very long.

December 8, 2012
CKC Registered Name Choices

3 weeks

In order to individually register puppies with the CKC all puppies must be have a unique registered name to go along with their microchip number. I will be registering this litter with the CKC using a Northern Lights/Star theme due to the wonderful display we watched on the night Quiver was whelping. The following is a list for you to choose from. Of course your choice in a Call Name does not have to match the Registered Name it's just a personal choice for those who would like them to match.
Please pick and email me 2 name choices in order of preference for your puppy's registration papers. Names in any colour other then black are all ready reserved. 
pup and brown teddy
7.Eden's Dancing Lights
(Reserved Kelly & John)
6.Eden's Aurora Borealis
(Reserved April & Mack)
5.Eden's Ribbons In The Sky
(Reserved Fran & Hazen)
4.Eden's Northern Lights
(Reserved Graham and Cindy)
3.Eden's Solar Wind
(Reserved Lindsay and Dave)
2.Eden's Northern Dawn
(Reserved Dave and Jenna)
1.Eden's Night On Fire
(Reserved Sarah and Andrew)
pup and green teddy



December 8, 2012
Nibble Nibble

Day 24

Although it is difficult to see from the picture the puppies sharp little eye teeth have started to bud. Mom is now nursing them standing up which helps strengthen the puppies but it also allows her a quick getaway if they become too rough. Their ears are still closed however they are at the stage where they become really excited and run to see us when we talk to them or make any noises.

2 golden pups playing Teeth Buds


December 4, 2012
Pups learning to play

December 1, 2012
We Have A Voice!

We Have A Voice!

Day 16


  Although the pups ears are still closed they can hear themselves in a muffled fashion and are starting to respond to each others cries, yips, howls, whines and growls.

  Now that their eyes are fully open they are all up walking on all fours and are even beginning to mouth each other in their first attempts to initiate play

November 26, 2012
Eye's Nose Fingers and Toes

 Eye's, Nose, Paws and Toes

Day 13

On Friday day 10, imagine my surprise to see one of the pups up on all fours walking, or at least doing what passes for puppies walking with a zig and a zag here and there! Normally this starts to happen after the puppies eyes open around two weeks of age. Today, day 13, a  few of the pups have their eyes completely open and the rest of the pups should follow in the next 12 hours but all are attempting to stand up and walk to get from point A to B.

eyesday12.jpg  puddleday12.jpg 

November 21, 2012
1 week Old
 First Week Of Changes
Day 8
The pups are now a week old and the newborn pink is changing over to a lovely, dark black pigment on the noses, eyes, foot pads and lips. They have been gaining steadily all nicely doubling their birth weight. Today their toenails have all been clipped for the first time and their id collars have been changed to coloured bands.
day_7_0001.jpg  day_7_0002.jpg 
 day_7_0005.jpg  day_7_0004.jpg
 day_7_0006.jpg  day_7_0007.jpg

November 18, 2012
Day 03 2012

  Neonatal Period

Day 3
At this time the puppies cannot regulate their own body temperature nor can they hear or see so are restricted to touch and smell in order to find mom and the milk bar. Although the puppies are sleeping for up to 90% of time their little bodies are still very active with muscle twitches and tremors. This is what's known as "activated sleep" and a joy to see as it is a process that helps build up their muscles and nervous system. All that twitching is a good sign that the pups are doing just fine.

Notice the pups umbilical cords have all dried up and fallen off.




November 15, 2012
Day 2

 Basket Full Of Puppies

Day 2

 The puppies were all waiting for me to finish changing their whelping box and I just couldn't resist grabbing the camera to snap a few pictures.

They have been weighed today to ensure they are all nursing properly and were found to have gained on average three ounces each!

day_2_0003.jpg  day_2_0002.jpg 

November 14, 2012
Quiver's Puppies Arrive!


Quivers Puppies Have Arrived !
It was a long night with 3 females and 4 males arriving early Wed morning between the hours of 4:00 am and 10:00 am. I'm happy to say mom and puppies are now resting comfortably. I on the other hand have been making due with quick catnaps beside them since their arrival so I'am looking forward to a well deserved sleep myself.
A well deserved nap  DSC08125.jpg 

November 14, 2012
Quiver And Quinn Puppies Nov. 2012



In the whelping box, out of the box. On the couch, off the couch. In the house, out of the house. Around and around we go, where the first puppy will land we just don't know. On the plus side the Northern Lights and shooting stars are giving us a wonderful night time show.