We would like to thank you for your interest in our Golden Retrievers, we are now accepting puppy applications for 1 male and 1 female puppy from Delilahs Jelly Belly Litter born December 8 2021.


The following questionnaire is a prerequisite to being added to our waiting list so that I may get to know you better and have a clear understanding of what your desires and expectation are regarding the puppy's baseline temperament and energy level. The more you include the more likely you will get the right puppy for your home and lifestyle. Please also feel free to ask any questions you may have about our dogs and how they are raised.

If you are interested in reserving one of our Golden Retriever puppies please read the "Picking a Puppy" page first and if you accept that the ultimate decision on picking which of my puppies go where is mine then copy and paste the following questionnaire onto the body of an email and fill it out there. Please do not send it as an attachment. Once it is completed send it to us at belle@efni.com. 


Please take note, If you do not live within driving distance under no circumstances will we agree to ship one of our puppies to you.



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Eden's Puppy Application



Home Address:
(Please include your postal code)

Mailing address:



Preferred Sex of puppy:
Are you willing to accept the opposite sex if your preferred choice is not available?

What is the desired or preferred activity level and temperament of the puppy you are looking for?

What type of activities or jobs will the puppy be involved in during his/her life? ie jogging, hunting, agility, couch potatoe etc.

Does the colour/shade of gold matter to you?

Have you read my Picking a Puppy page?

Who is the puppy intended for and who will be the main person responsible for the puppy?

Who else shares your home? 

Would you describe your type of lifestyle to be an active one or a more sedate one?

What best describes your current life stage? Youth, Student, Young Adult, Starting a Family, Midlife, Retired etc.

Are there any special needs to be considered when choosing the most suitable puppy i.e. elderly or special needs adults/children sharing the home?

Type of Dwelling: Description of green space for puppy's potty area, (size, fence, shared, park etc)

How will you house train your puppy? If all those responsible for the puppy work outside the home or go to school where will the puppy be kept and how will his potty needs be met?

Where will the puppy be kept during the majority of the day?

Where will the puppy sleep during the night?

Do you currently own any pets?

Please describe all you current and prior animal owing history.

Have you ever surrendered or given away a pet and if so why?

Based on your past dog experience is there anything you might do differently?

What prior experiences have you had with dog training classes?

Are you planning on taking a training class with your new puppy?

How would you describe your puppy training method and style?

How would you describe yourself? firm, tolerant?

Are you knowledgeable about crate training and do you approve or disaprove of it? Why?

How would you discipline your puppy for potty mistakes and chewing incidences?

Are you knowledgeable about the Golden Retrievers physical, mental and behavioural characteristics?

Do you have any future breeding plans for your puppy?

Have you reflected on your current lifestyle and situation and given thought to any possible issues such as plans to relocate, a family member not wishing a new pet at this time, a family member with allergies, hours spent outside the home due to work and raising children, debilitating illness, possible domestic upheaval or violence in the home and have you given serious consideration to the question of if now is the right time to introduce a new puppy into your home?

Do you have any question for me?

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We do appreciate your interest in obtaining one of our puppies and taking the time to provide the necessary information by completing this application however please be aware that completion of this application does not always ensure you will receive one of our puppies.



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