After several years and a lot of blood sweat and tears it is time to retire the old website and begin anew. Although this one will remain available for viewing while I go through the process of transfering everything over, the following links will take you to our new site.




All Things puppy

Raised In Our Home With Love

We take great pride in raising our puppies in our home and in a manner that allows us to pay full attention to all the little details that are so important to their physical and mental growth.

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Breeding Plans And Current Litters

All our puppies are Canadian Kennel Club registered purebred on a nonbreeding agreement, micro-chipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club pet recovery database.

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Picking Your Puppy

I have put a lot of time and effort into the breeding and raising of my puppies and my first responsibility is to them. My second responsibility is to the people who picked me to be the breeder of their next family member. In order to meet the needs of both I do my best to ensure the right puppy goes to the right home. Our Picking Your Puppy page is required reading prior to filling our an application

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 Puppy Application

Completing our application form is the first step and is a prerequisite to being considered for a puppy from us so that I may get to know you better and so that I have a clear understanding of what your desires and expectation are regarding the puppy's baseline temperament and energy level.

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