Lana x Justin

June 9, 2021
Secret Litter 2021


 Justin x Lana - June 2021 

Eden's Spitfire RA ITD



Ambertru's N Sync




SIRE: CH. Ambertru's Cheap Trick
DAM: Eden's A Dance With Dragons
D.O.B: April 14, 2016 
HIPS: GR-122229G24F-VPI

EYES: GR-EYE12920/15F-PI
HEART: GR-CA32130/15F/C-VPI 
PRA PR-CD: Normal - Paw Print Genetics
PRA 1 & 2: Normal - Paw Print Genetics
ICHT: Carrier -Paw Print Genetics




SIRE: BISS Am/Can CH CastleRock Let It Be Am/Can OS
DAM: Ch. Ambertru's Wind in The Willows OD
D.O.B: April 27, 2013 
HIPS: GR-114338G27-VPI

HEART: GR-CA33345/16M/C-VPI 
PRA PR-CD: Normal - Animal Genetics
PRA 1 & 2: Normal - Animal Genetics
ICHT: Normal - Animal Genetics
NCL: GR-CL5-781/69M-PI



Ambertru's N Sync
BISS Am Can CH CastleRock Let It Be Am Can OS
BISS AM CH Sunbeam's Private Party OS
BPIS, BPISS Can CH Justmoor Something About Mary Can. OD
Can Ch. Ambertru's Wind in The Willows OD
BISS Can. CH. Chrys-Haefen More For The Mony
Can Ch. Ambertru's Blonde Bombshell
Eden's Spitfire RA
Can CH. Ambertru's Cheap Trick
BISS Am GCH Am/Can CH Yukon's Turn The Page Am/Can OS
Can Ch. Ambertru's Sweet Chilli Heat OD
Eden's A Dance With Dragons
Blackpool Eden Ice Fusion TD RN
Eden's Watch Her Strut

Lana x Justin Updates

July 27, 2021
Vet Visit


Vet visit today.

All went great until I heard that dreaded sound just as I took that last turn off of the highway. How whoever it was managed to puke on all 6 heads is a mystery.


July 27, 2021
Week 7
LJ_Secret_1.JPG LJ_secret_2.jpg
LJ_secret_3.jpg LJ_secret_4.jpg
LJ_secret_5.jpg LJ_secret_8.jpg
LJ_secret_Girls_2.jpg LJ_secret_girls4.jpg

July 22, 2021

The Potty-time Puppy Stampede with the hope that none of them will stop for a pee before they make it all of the way outside.

July 22, 2021
Week 6 Wobble Boards

A surprisingly quiet evening on the wobble boards



July 22, 2021
Bad Puppies

People don't believe me when I tell them puppies are just plain bad!!!


Do you believe me now?


July 12, 2021
Soggy Doggies!

Soggy Doggies 

July 12, 2021
Taking to Water


Taking to water... like cats

July 12, 2021
5 Weeks Old


Due to a tragic death in the family the puppy updates have been sparse so this week we are taking advantage of our beautiful weather to enjoy the puppies while we try to heal from our loss

July 5, 2021
Week 3 The Song Of My People

Sorry Week 3 is a little late posting.

Lots of new changes and discoveries in week 3. Lana is doing more of her nursing standing up which helps build strength and muscle. This is evident in how they are now just zooming around the whelping box. The little clunkers are now also starting to look more like puppies then walruses. Their eyesight has greatly improved and their teeth have erupted so they are now also out of their self absorbed bubble and interacting with each and their toys when they awake from their naps. Their ears are still closed but they can hear and they have discovered their voice so certain sounds will trigger an instant response. Since they felt it necessary to wake me up at 3 am with their song I felt it was only fair to return the favour.


June 28, 2021
Litter Theme Secrets


Here is the list of registered names to be picked for puppies from Lana's Secret Litter. Your puppies registered name is for CKC registration and pedigree purposes. CKC has final approval over all registered names. Please email me your first and second pick in case your first pick has been reserved and not yet posted or is not accepted by the CKC. Preference will be given on a first come first served basis. Your puppies registered name and your choice of everyday call name do not needed to be related in any manner unless you wish it too.

Highlight names are confirmed reserved. The highlight colour does not correspond to the puppy collars.

Eden’s Secrets 2 Hot 2 Tell - DOUG 

Eden’s Telling Secrets - JULIE

Eden’s Secret To Tell - JENNY

Eden’s Secret Well Kept - JON 

Eden Oh Shush, It’s Secret (reserved)

Eden’s Keeping Secrets - JOHN

Eden’s Naughty Secret

Eden Tell Your Secrets


June 21, 2021
Weeble Wobble Week 2

Eyes Wide Open!

Lots of changes last week! Eyes are now fully open although everything is still fuzzy for them. At this point we are still keeping the lights fairly dim for them to become acclimated. They are also now in the weeble wobble stage and doing their version of what passes for walking. The chunky monkeys have all tripled their weight today and nails have been clipped which is best done while they are all in a milk induced coma for everyones sanity!   

Green.JPG blue.JPG
mint.JPG pink_2.JPG
red.JPG yellow.JPG

June 18, 2021
It's Happening!

IT'S HAPPENING! The weeble wobble stage begins! Eyes are starting to crack open and they are starting to get their back legs up under them. Once their eyes fully open they will be motoring around like crazy.

June 17, 2021
Scenting Protocol Week 1

We have started the Scenting Protocol with the pups where we introduce a new scent daily to each puppy beginning on Day 3. The steps we follow are:
Once a day, pick up each pup individually and hold it gently but firmly in one hand.
With the other hand, we hold the scent item about ½ inch from the pup’s nose.
If the pup wants to move towards the item, we allow it to do so. If the pup tries to move away from the scent item, we allow this as well. If the pup shows no interest we take it away but if the pup chooses to engage with the scent item we let them go to town.
Todays scent item was lilac....they wanted to eat it.


This week I also did some online ordering for the puppies swagbags. Judging from all the packages arriving on my doorstep with more to come I might have went a tad overboard! 


June 9, 2021
They Have Arrived!


We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Justin and Lana's puppies born on June 6th, 2021!  

4 Males and 2 Females born June 6 starting at 3:21 in the early morning and ending two hours later with the last puppy born at 5:35. 

Lana is a wonderfully attentive mom and all pups are strong and gaining steadily.

All puppies in Lana's litter have been reserved.   


LJ2021.JPG LJ20212.JPG
LJ2021_4.JPG LJ2021_1.JPG
LJ20216.JPG LJ20215.JPG