Lana x Eli Puppies 2020

April 6, 2020
Surprise Reaction

April 6, 2020
Good Mothers

April 6, 2020
From Box To Pen

April 6, 2020
Learning To Play

April 6, 2020
Here We Grow Again

March 25, 2020


Lot's of changes happening these last couple of days. The pups have been trying really hard to get up on their feet but they haven't quite made it yet. On Tuesday however, the tiny eye slits that we have been seeing opened wide to show us the baby blue colour that they are born with. Even though their vision will still be blurry for a little while longer, this will definitely be the added kickstart that they need to get their legs up under them.

Today their ESI and tactile item was an old crumpled newspaper sitting in the wood box. Talk about settling their noses deep into it and inhaling. It was a big hit!

eyes_20207.JPG eyes_20204.JPG
eyes_2020_3.JPG eyes_2020_6.JPG
eyes_20208.JPG eyes_20205.JPG


March 23, 2020
Have Basket, Will Travel


Have Basket, Will Travel!

Normally I am held hostage in the bedroom for 2 to 3 weeks till the pups are safe from squishing but Saturday I pulled out my Christmas present from last year and Yea! No more social distancing in my own home. We all got to be together downstairs and I got to watch a screen that was bigger then 15 inches! Bonus!!!


will_travel_4.JPG will_travel_2.JPG
will_travel_1.JPG DSC07065_2.JPG
DSC07075_2.JPG DSC07054_2.JPG


March 22, 2020
Supply List

Due to Covid-19 I am releasing my supplies list now so that you may purchase your supplies ahead of time and not get caught unprepared. Many pet stores are doing their part in taking necessary safety precautions which may result in limiting the number of persons allowed in the store at a time.

Food – 30 to 40 pounds of Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy food or Iams Puppy food. Purchasing several small bags of puppy food or a large bag of puppy food should last at least a month or more. If purchasing a large bag ensure it is kept in an airtight food grade container. Alternately half can be stored in the freezer to ensure freshness. While the puppies will be fed Eukanuba Puppy food I rotate my adult dog food on a weekly bases. Acceptable alternatives are Iams, Purina Pro Plan puppy and/or Costco brand puppy food in the yellow bag. If you wish to switch to another brand PLEASE CHECK WITH ME FIRST.

Food Storage Container - Air Tight Food Grade.

Puppy Treats - "Milk Bone" dog biscuits, "Roll Over" sausage roll, dried Liver snacks. My favorite training treats are Zukes mini and Charlee bears. The dogs love them and they are healthy. No cheap dye and chemical filled junk treats!

Dog Crate - Large for a female, extra-large for a male. We prefer plastic as it is durable, easy to clean and will contain the dog dirt and hair. Wire crates are acceptable and cheaper.

Mats and dog beds - Blankets and soft beds are not necessary in the crate. They are usually just to make us feel better as the dogs generally find them too hot but a great thing to chew. They are however great to use when out of the crate. By teaching your dog to “place” or go stay on their mat you will have the freedom to move around without the dog being underfoot.

Metal Stainless Steel Food Bowl - Plastic is hard to clean, retains bacteria and germs, and is easy to chew.

Stainless Steel Water Bucket or large bowl - Must be food grade steel not galvanized metal. Plastic horse bucket found in farm and tack stores is acceptable but is not as sanitary and can be chewed.

6 Foot (quality) Leash - Leather will last your lifetime with a minimum of care and is gentle on your hands when teaching a dog not to pull but they are expensive. Nylon leashes of the right size and quality are durable, easy to clean, long lasting and come in pretty colours but can injure your hands when teaching a young dog not to pull. The width should be sturdy but not thick, your hands will thank you.

2 Nylon (adjustable) Buckle Collars - SMALL for puppy, Medium to large for adult.

Clicker - I will be supplying you with a small plastic box that makes a clicking noise to instantaneously mark and reinforce a desired behavior.

Bait Bag - Optional but handy, Used to carry training treats and poop bags but mostly treats. Always wearing clothing with loose pockets also works

Waste Cleanup - Poop Bags, Lots. A metal Poop Scoop, spade type makes yard pick up a breeze! A large bottle of enzyme cleaner such as Natures Miracle and a refillable spray bottle for the Natures Miracle. 

Interactive Toys, Kongs, Snuffel matts, balls, tugs, etc

Rens Pets, an on-line store that does free shipping over $79.  Rens is a store I frequent regularly. They also have great sales from time to time. 

Lana_Eli_FB_.jpg Lana_Eli_FB_2.jpg


March 20, 2020
Week 1 ESI Protocol


Lana's chunky monkeys are now a week old and have more then doubled their birth weight.

The Early Scent Introduction protocol has been started and tonight's video is of them all settled for the night in a clean box scenting a fox tail. Some thought it was really interesting, the others just thought it was a good place to sleep.





March 15, 2020
They Have Arrived!


Lana's Puppies Have Arrived !

Lana gave birth quickly and easily Thursday between the hours of 11:40 am and 2:00 pm. I'm happy to say mom and the six puppies, 4 Boys and 2 Girls are doing well. 
Lanas_Six.jpg Lanas_Six_2.jpg