Cricket Zander Litter

March 4, 2014
Cricket Zander Litter 2013

Our Fall Litter Has Arrived October 22, 2013!


Our Zander x Cricket Litter has arrived! 1 Male and 2 Females. All of these puppies are spoken for and gone to their new homes. For upcoming litters details can be found on our Upcoming Litters page.
If you wish to be considered for a puppy a Puppy Application must be answered in full and returned by email.
Please take note: WE DO NOT SHIP OUR PUPPIES.



Eden 's Hot N Saucy






SIRE: CH. Majik High And Mighty
DAM: Eden's Butter Believe It. CD TD RN WC



PRA 1:

Bred and Owned by: Jamie Veraldi





BPIS CH. Ambertru Cheap Trick






SIRE: BISS Am GCH Am/Can CH Yukon's Turn The Page OS, Can OS
DAM: Ch. Ambertru's Sweet Chilli Heat OD







Bred and Owned by: Connie Johnson



Litter Pedigree:


Cricket /Zander Puppy
BPIS CH. Ambertru's Cheap Trick
BISS Am GCH Am/Can CH Yukon's Turn The Page OS, Can OS
BISS CH Bravo's Old Spice SDHF OS
Am. Can. CH Thornelea Yukon's Reba
Ch. Ambertru's Sweet Chilli Heat OD
BIS/BISS Can./Am. Ch. Klaasem's Zoom Zoom Zoom Can. SDHF, Can./Am. OS
CH. Ambertru's Rize N Shine OD
Eden's Hot N Saucy
CH Majik High And Mighty
Eng.SH.CH Ritzilyn Male Order J.W.
Majik Vissi D'arte
Eden's Butter Believe It CD, RN, TD, WC.
Majik Mr Darcy CD, CGC.
Eden's Above N Beyond WCI, CDX, RN.

December 9, 2013
week 5 and 6

Recent Videos of the pups playing




November 25, 2013
Week 4
Week 4 has been a busy week for the pups as Tuesday they were moved to the living room so that they can start to experience the normal hustle and bustle of everyday living. This ensures that they are getting much more daily handling with longer periods out of their whelping box and also allows them to experience walking on different surfaces such as the slippery floors. As they are now less sheltered they are also get to hear very different sounds coming from things such as the tv, phone, dishwasher and the rumble of the vacuum on the bare floor. The big dogs are also loving this as they now get to check out the whelping box and steal the pups toys every chance they get!
On Saturday the three pups were briefly taken outside for the very first time and they had an absolute ball exploring the great outdoors, playing in the snow and climbing all over mom. They were then allowed to romp around the wide open space of the basement for the first time afterwards so that they could warm up by the wood stove. No time for a nap though as I had just brought them back upstairs when Andrew and Lindsay arrived for their first visit with the pups. After a couple of hours of showing off, biting toes and licking faces the second puppy buyer Jon arrived to visit his boy. By this time all they were rather tuckered out so although both the girls quickly crashed in the whelping box our bouncing baby boy just climbed into Jon's lap and decided that, this was the best place to take a nice long snooze. I don't know who was more in their glory, Jon who instantly fell in love with him or "Jasper" who had such a comfortable place to nap. It was not surprising that all the pups slept for a solid 4 hours afterwards despite the noise and distractions of the TV blaring and the big dogs coming and going about the house.
Sunday was a much quieter day for us all however the kitchen has now been set up to give them more room to run and play as well as to give quick access to the back door to start some potty training. So far so good as even with today's bitter cold they were still quite happy to go out the door to do their business and had to be coaxed each time to come right back in and not dawdle in the snow!
week4.jpg week4_1.jpg
week4_2.jpg week4_3.jpg
week4_4.jpg week4_5.jpg

November 14, 2013
3 weeks
Sorry for the recent lack of updates but a family illness made things around here rather hectic. At a little over three weeks the puppies are now finally getting up on all 4 legs and are toddling along for a few seconds before being knocked back down by each other. Howling has definitely become one of their favorite pastimes and Ian is questioning why I am encouraging such bad behavior. Well because it's cute that's why!
They are starting to teeth so we can feel sharp little bumps coming through their gums. Mom must be feeling them as well as she is doing more standing to nurse. The pups have a hard time reaching and are complaining at the top of their lungs but it helps to strengthen their legs and balance so we let it go on for a little bit before pleading with Cricket to lay down so we can get a little peace and quiet.
You may notice in the pictures that I've changed over their bedding from the pads to small animal litter. I think I over filled the box just a little bit, well ok a lot, so while the never ending laundry will at last be cut down unfortunately the vacuuming will be increasing drastically.
3_weeks.jpg 3_weeks0001.jpg
3_weeks0002.jpg 3_weeks_4.jpg
3_weeks_2.jpg 3_weeks_3.jpg
3_weeks_5.jpg 3_weeks_1.jpg

November 6, 2013
Two Weeks Old

The puppies are now two weeks old with lots of changes happening in the last few days. They easily recognize our scent and will drag themselves towards us to nuzzle and suck on our ears and fingers. They love to have their bellies scratched and a puppy's natural scratch-reflex to kick has their tiny hind legs going a mile a minute in response to this.

This weekend their eyes opened so although things are still blurry they can now see shapes and movement. This has opened the door to discovering that there is a lot more to life then just eating, sleeping and complaining that it is too hot. As they use their mouth to explore they are beginning to interact more with each other and the things around them. Our fingers are now something to bite on and shake as well as to suck on, Mom is no longer just a milk bar but something wondrous to mouth and investigate as well.

Although their ears are still closed they can still hear and respond to some sounds. Making them howl, as seen in the third picture, in response to our talking and howling at them is fun for us but it does make mom a little nervous so she puts an end to our singing when it gets too loud.

The two girls weigh in at a hefty 4 pounds and the boy is now a whopping 4.9 pounds. They've had their nails clipped and they been wormed for the first time.


eyes.jpg eyes_1.jpg
eyes_2.jpg eyes_3.jpg
eyes_7.jpg eyes_8.jpg
eyes_12.jpg eyes_11.jpg


October 31, 2013
Happy Halloween
At this age it's hard to get a variety of pictures of the puppies doing things other then sleeping and nursing so to spice it up here are some pictures of the puppies sleeping during all Hallows Eve.

Wishing you all have a Spectacularly Spooky Halloween!  

Halloween_1.jpg Halloween_5.jpg
Halloween_6.jpg Halloween_7.jpg
Halloween_8.jpg Halloween_9.jpg
Halloween_11.jpg Halloween_10.jpg
Halloween_12.jpg Halloween_13.jpg

October 28, 2013
1 week old
The pups are now one week old and have double their birth weight. Boy in green now weighs 2 lb 6 oz., The Girl in pink weighs 2 lb 1 oz. and the Girl in orange weighs 2 lb 2 oz.

This week we have started the early neurological stimulation where the pups are put through six handling exercises for 3 minutes a day from three days old to two weeks old. These exercises are in addition to daily handling, weighing, whelping box changes and picture posing.

1. Tactical stimulation (between toes)
2. Head held erect
3. Head pointed down
4. Supine position
5. Thermal stimulation
6. Smell something new
The following pictures are of the puppies after being moved to the nesting box so that I could change their bedding in the whelping box and then returned to a nice fresh bed.
day_6_1.jpg day_6_2.jpg
day_6_3.jpg day_6.jpg





October 26, 2013
Day 3
3 days old and the pups have already gained 10 ounces each from their birth weight so the girl in Pink now weighs 1.7 pounds. The boy in Green is a whooping 1.11 ounces and The girl in Orange is 1.9 ounces.
CZpupsday3_1.jpg CZpupsday3_2.jpg
CZpupsday3_3.jpg CZpupsday3_4.jpg
CZpupsday3_5.jpg CZpupsday3_6.jpg

October 24, 2013
Puppies Arrive
Tuesday night was an eventful one with the arrival of Crickets puppies. 2 little girls and 1 bouncing baby boy. We had expected them earlier during the weekend however Cricket decided she was going to do it her way and in her own sweet time. She tricked us often through out the last 4 days and had us completely confused and worried, she would show certain signs that labor was ready to set in only to calmly go lay down as if to say "no, I changed my mind and think I'll just take a nap instead."
Now that they have finally arrived both mom and pups are doing great. Cricket is a very calm and attentive mother and the pups have already gain a couple of ounces in their first day.
We are currently contacting those who have submitted an application to confirm their reservation. It is a very small litter but at this time the boy may be available. We will know for certain by the end of the week once we have reached everyone and the deposits start to arrive. We have also recently had a breeding between our Quiver and Quinn so we will be taking applications on this litter which is expected to arrive with Santa during the Christmas season.
CZpupsday2.jpg CZpupsday1_1.jpg
CZpupsday1_2.jpg CZpupsday1_3.jpg
CZpupsday1_4.jpg CZpupsday1_5.jpg
CZpupsday1_7.jpg CZpupsday1_6.jpg