I want to thank everyone for all your kind words and interest in Bentley. The quality of the applications to come in was extraordinary! It was a very hard decision for the family and they thought they were prepared but when faced with the reality of losing him they just couldn't bear it so I am happy to say he will be remaining in his home.



 Adult Male Available 

Dec 2021

Born on Christmas day in 2013 Bentley is a warm, loving, energetic and healthy 8 year old boy who is in need of rehoming due to unforeseen circumstances beyond his loving family’s control. Having spent his life as part of the family with young children he loves people of all ages and while he will greet guest with enthusiasm he remembers his manners and doesn’t jump.

Bentley is fully house trained and has earned the right to be left at home unsupervised and to spend his nights sleeping freely on his big L.L. Bean dog bed in the living room. He is currently residing in the Huntsville area, is neutered and will be brought up todate on his vaccinations prior to leaving for his new home.  

If you are interested in enquiring about Bentley please email edenretrievers@gmail.com with the following information.






Please tell us a little about yourself by answering the following questions.

Why do you want a dog?

How many people share your home? Children, elderly, roommates etc.

Who is the dog intended for and who will be the main person responsible for his care?


Please describe all you current and prior animal owing history.

Do you currently own any pets

Have you ever surrendered or given away a pet and if so why?


What prior experiences have you had with dog training classes?

How would you describe yourself? firm, tolerant?

How would you describe your dog training method and style?

Based on your past dog experience is there anything you might do differently?


Please describe What type of lifestyle you would provide to the dog.

What type of lifestyle activities would the dog be involved in?

Where will the dog spend the majority of the day?

Where will the dog sleep?

How often will the dog be left alone?

Where will he kept when you are away during the day?

How would you discipline your dog for any misbehaviours?

Are you planning on taking a training class with your new dog?


Are you knowledgeable about the Golden Retrievers physical, mental and behavioural characteristics?


We do appreciate your interest in Bentley and taking the time to provide the necessary information by completing this application